10 Reasons Scarves are the Best Accessory

Scarves act as an essential piece in any closet. Not only do they make a fun fashion statement, but they are also quite functional during the fall and winter seasons for protection from the cold.

A large silk square scarf can be draped in unique yet simple ways and make your look elegant and stylish. They also serve a  practical purpose and come in handy during mildly cold weather.

In order to style a scarf, you need not worry about the ‘right way’ of doing so. Styling a scarf with your outfit can be something absolutely organic and personal.  You can use your creativity or just follow any trend that you like while using a scarf.

And, you know what's the best part about a square scarf for women?

It is that they come in multiple styles, designs, prints and patterns. They look great when paired with plain tees, shirts or over a printed blouse as well. Square scarves also make for a great gift for women because they can easily be carried anywhere and are so versatile.

Let us see why silk Italian scarves act as the best accessory and how you should wear them:

  1. Lends sophistication

Wearing a scarf can instantly change the whole look of an outfit and lends a touch sophistication, especially if you are going to attend a meeting or an official or formal occasion.

  1. Add a pop of color to a simple outfit

Any simple outfit can get an instant uplift when paired with a large silk square scarf and add a pop of color to the entire ensemble. Scarves also act as the best accessory to bring a change in your clothing style.

So, if you want to upgrade your closet and make it more vibrant, scarves are the way to go. Right from printed to subtle, you can get them in all shades and styles.

  1. Own them in multiple styles and designs

A casual and minimalistic look can become interesting with just a scarf. Own them in multiple styles and designs to ensure that you have one to go with almost all your outfits. Scarves are also lightweight so they do not feel heavy to carry. During summers, you can roll one around your messy bun and it instantly becomes a hair accessory.

  1. Can be worn as a necklace / accessory

Just when we talked about scarves being worn around your hair bun, it can also be worn as a necklace over your plain white shirts or a simple tee. A small silk Italian scarf can be used as a belt, tied around the wrist, used as a handbag accessory etc. Gone are the days when clothes were only worn as clothes. You can now experiment and style them in multiple ways.

  1. Can be creative while tying a scarf

Do not shy away from being creative while styling your favorite scarf. Fashion is ever evolving and more personal and versatile when freely experimented with. So, style your favorite scarves in whatever way you want and stay confident in your skin. Rock the whole style game!

  1. Can be worn all year round

The best part about scarves as an accessory is that they can be worn all year round through all seasons. Scarves are so lightweight that you wouldn’t even realize you have something on you. Silk scarves are good to wear during summers as they flow with the body and prevent sunburns while cashmere scarves are best worn in winters to protect yourself from the cold.

  1. Helps get protection from the cold

As we mentioned about cashmere scarves, they really help protect you from the cold and provide warmth. Needless to say, scarves are the best accessory to be worn at any time and month of the year.                                                            

  1. Comes in different shapes and sizes

Square scarves for women can be worn around the neck or on your head. Scarves come in shapes such as square, triangle, circle, rectangle and you can also get your scarf custom made according to your own desired shape and size.

  1. Can be worn in multiple ways

If you want to wear a scarf in a different way, then you wrap it around your midriff. It is not mandatory to always wrap your scarf around your neck. Draping a scarf around your waist is an out of the box idea and you will look stunning. Ensure you wrap a printed scarf so that it looks great.

Whenever you wear a scarf as a belt, your outfit gets another definition and appearance. Remember, if you want to tie a scarf around your waist, then you should buy a large silk square scarf and fold it into any shape and shape you wish.

  1. Acts as a perfect travel accessory

Scarves make for an ideal travel accessory for any getaway and will occupy almost no room in your handbag or luggage. It is especially helpful to have a few scarves in your travel bag. You can use them to transform your day look into a more stylish and formal evening look without having to change. They can also be your savior and help you protect your skin from hot and extreme weather conditions while travelling.


Now that you know about the multiple ways to wear a scarf, get yourself a silk square scarf for women from Louisjane.com and style it in multiple ways. Don’t forget to send us the pictures on our social media when you do.

So, what are you waiting for? Happy Shopping!

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