Louis Jane

Summer Branches Oversized Cotton & Silk Shawl


With it's vivid, dreamy design,  Summer Branches transports you to a long summer afternoon under a shady Loggia.

Summer Branches oversized square cotton/silk is perfect for a casual style-up of weekend wear, a trip to the beach, or a summer picnic. At 140cm x 140cm, the generous proportions ensure you can wear this as a sarong, a top, a dress, a skirt and of course, as a shawl!

Inspired by the connections and intertwining of life, light and nature, Summer Branches combines an abstract natural pattern found in a tree canopy with joyful, vibrant colours to convey an optimistic outlook.

  • 100% Silk Satined Chiffon
  • Measures 140cm x 140cm / 55x55 inches
  • Made in Italy
  • Hand-finished hems

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